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Latest offers on Cycling Shoes from Shimano

Although the array of cycling shoes available from Shimano is somewhat confusing, their massive range does give plenty of opportunities throughout the year for picking up a good deal, whether you are a road cyclist or mountain biker. They currently benefit from an average discount of 18%, across the 1014 products we've found in clearance sales.
In fact, the top ten price reductions result in 60% off on average.
The biggest saving is £ for the and the minimum is for the Shimano M065 Spd Shoes, saving £6.


Shimano R Series Show offers for sale

The top discount at the moment is from Wiggle with a reduction of £149 on the Shimano R260 SPD-SL Road Shoes. They also have a total of 2 more discounts for Shimano R Series shoes with savings between 59% and 59%.


Shimano RT Series Show offers for sale

Amongst the top cycle shops, 6 have Shimano RT Series shoes for sale at reduced prices, giving savings from £5 for the RT400 SPD Shoes Grey - 40 to £36 for the Shimano Rt33 Spd Shoes ( Size 43 Only ). That's an average saving of around 19%.


Shimano MT Series Show offers for sale

There are 265 Shimano MT Series shoes for sale at discount prices, with Cyclestore having the largest selection. They offer an average saving of 14% with the largest saving being £60.00 off the Shimano Mt91 Spd Hiking Boot Shoes Brown.


Shimano M Series Show offers for sale

The top 2 discount offers on Shimano M Series shoes are as follows: a saving of £120 on M240 MTB SPD Shoes, priced at £79.99 and £60 on Shimano M200 Mtb Spd Shoes, for sale at Cyclestore. In total there are 814 reductions across 6 shops.


Shimano AM Series Show offers for sale

There is a group of special offers for Shimano AM Series shoes from Cyclestore, typically reducing prices by about 12% over 161 items. You'll also find 72 discounts from a selection of other retailers with an average saving of around 13%.


Shimano Womens Show offers for sale

The total number of discounts for Shimano Womens shoes is 160 at the moment, with the percentage saved ranging from 5% for the WR42 Womens SPD Road Shoes 2016 to 62% for the Shimano Wm53 Spd Womens Shoes, giving actual savings of between £4 and £75

Price range information

There are 13 general price levels for Shimano shoes, with products such as the Shimano R300 Series at the top of the range. The prices for the Shimano range rise in the following order (these are mid-prices):
  • Shimano MT40 Series - £58
  • Shimano AM - £63
  • Shimano M000 Series - £63
  • Shimano R000 Series - £63
  • Shimano MT50 Series - £75
  • Shimano MT60 Series - £82
  • Shimano XC - £94
  • Shimano MT70 Series - £100
  • Shimano TR - £108
  • Shimano R100 Series - £110
  • Shimano MW - £125
  • Shimano R200 Series - £186
  • Shimano R300 Series - £220