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Profile Handlebars & Aerobars for Sale


Latest offers on Handlebars and Aerobars from Profile

This brand produces quite a wide variety of handlebars in different specifications and sizes, particular aerobars and time-trial bars. As a result there are usually some good offers available, particularly off-season. At the moment you can save on 22 products, from a maximum of around 32%
for the Profile Design Legacy II Aerobar at Wiggle
to 5% for the Profile Design O Zero Tt Aero Base Bar 38cm - Black at Cyclestore.
The top ten discounts on Profile Handlebars and Aerobars will give you an average 21% off (that's about £36).


Profile Stryke Show offers for sale

At the moment we haven't found any discounted products in this category.


Profile Aero Show offers for sale

There are 23 Profile Aero bars for sale at discount prices, with Cyclestore having the largest selection. They offer an average saving of 6% with the largest saving being £20.00 off the Profile Design T3+ Carbon Aerobar.


Profile T2 Show offers for sale

Amongst the top cycle shops, 3 have Profile T2 bars for sale at reduced prices, giving savings from £3.5 for the Designs T2 Wing aero base bar 40cm to £ for the Profile Design T2+ DL Aerobars . That's an average saving of around 9%.


Profile Cobra Show offers for sale

At the moment we haven't found any discounted products in this category.

Price range information

There are 9 main product groups within Profile handlebars, which includes both road and MTB handlebars, together with any aerobars. One of the top model ranges is the Profile Volna and the prices for the range rise in the following order - we've shown typical mid-prices for each model group.
  • Profile Airwing - £35
  • Profile T2 - £90
  • Profile Airstryke - £90
  • Profile Jammer - £90
  • Profile Ozero - £90
  • Profile ZBS - £99
  • Profile Stryke - £153
  • Profile Cobra - £153
  • Profile Volna - £585