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Latest deals on Cycling Shoes from Mavic

There has been a rapid increase in the number of shoes available from Mavic for road cycling and mountain biking, as they have entered the cyling shoe market in force. As a result there are a large number of big discounts available as they introduce new versions. They currently benefit from an average discount of 33%, across the 78 products we've found in clearance sales.
In fact, the top ten price reductions result in 60% off on average.
The biggest saving is £ for the and the minimum is for the , saving £.


Mavic Road Show offers for sale

The total number of discounts for Mavic Road shoes is 51 at the moment, with the percentage saved ranging from 9% for the Echappée Elite Women's Road Shoe to 52% for the Mavic Crossmax Pro Off Offroad Shoes, giving actual savings of between £8 and £109


Mavic MTB Show offers for sale

Amongst the top cycle shops, 2 have Mavic MTB shoes for sale at reduced prices, giving savings from £ for the Crossride SL Elite MTB SPD Shoes - Wide 2016 to £ for the Mavic Sequence XC Elite Womens MTB SPD Shoes SS17. That's an average saving of around 34%.

Price range information

There are 11 general price levels for Mavic shoes, with products such as the Mavic Zxellium at the top of the range. The prices for the Mavic range rise in the following order (these are mid-prices):
  • Mavic Cruize - £63
  • Mavic Scorpio - £73
  • Mavic Pulse - £74
  • Mavic Alpine - £76
  • Mavic Avenir - £81
  • Mavic Switchback - £81
  • Mavic Rush - £100
  • Mavic Galibier - £135
  • Mavic Pro - £180
  • Mavic Zxenon - £187
  • Mavic Zxellium - £224