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Latest offers on Cycling Shoes from Lake

At the moment you can save on 7 products, from a maximum of around 72%
for the Lake MX105W Womens Mountain Bike Shoes at Merlin Cycles
to 37% for the Lake CX160 Road Cycling Shoe at Merlin Cycles.
The top ten discounts on Lake Cycling Shoes will give you an average 51% off (that's about £54).


Lake Road Show offers for sale

There is a group of special offers for Lake Road shoes from, typically reducing prices by about 48% over 4 items. You'll also find 2 discounts from a selection of other retailers with an average saving of around 48%.


Lake MTB Show offers for sale

At the moment we haven't found any discounted products in this category.

Price range information

There are 7 general price levels for Lake shoes, with products such as the Lake CX401 at the top of the range. The prices for the Lake range rise in the following order (these are mid-prices):
  • Lake CX160 - £67
  • Lake TX212 - £81
  • Lake CX170 - £99
  • Lake CX236 - £153
  • Lake TX312 - £216
  • Lake CX331 - £225
  • Lake CX401 - £305