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Latest offers on Wheels & Wheelsets from Hope

They currently benefit from an average discount of 9%, across the 107 products we've found in clearance sales.
In fact, the top ten price reductions result in 28% off on average.
The biggest saving is £ for the and the minimum is for the , saving £.


Hope Pro 2 Show offers for sale

At the moment you can save on 2 products, with the maximum discount of 35% from Evans Cycles for the Hope Pro 2 Evo Rear Hub Bearing Kit (Ex-Demo / Ex-Display), while more modest savings are also available such as 6% off the Hope Pro 2 Evo Tech Enduro 650B Rear Wheel at Wiggle.


Hope Pro 3 Show offers for sale

The total number of discounts for Hope Pro 3 wheels is 35 at the moment, with the percentage saved ranging from 5% for the Hoops MTB Pro3 SP-AM4 Rear Wheel 721 Black INC. 180 DISC to 5% for the Hope Hoops MTB Pro3 SP-AM4 Rear Wheel 721 Black INC. 180 DISC, giving actual savings of between £9 and £27

Price range information

There are 3 main levels of pricing for Hope wheels, depending on the specification, with the top range being represented by products like the Hope Pro 3 RS. Price bands rise as follows - we've shown typical mid-prices for wheelsets, to help price comparisons:
  • Hope Pro 2 - £307
  • Hope Pro 3 - £352
  • Hope Pro 3 RS - £579