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Latest Deals on Pedals from DMR

This page gives details of some limited offers on flat mtb and leisure pedals which are available from DMR at the moment. The total number of discounts for DMR Pedals is 95 at the moment,
with the percentage saved ranging from 10% for the DMR Vault Magnesium Pedals
to 42% for the DMR V-Twin Pedal Black,
giving actual savings of between £6
and £65. The top ten reductions give an average 31% off.


DMR V12 Show offers for sale

Amongst the top cycle shops, 6 have DMR V12 pedals for sale at reduced prices, giving savings from £ for the V12 Mag Pedals Black to £ for the DMR V12 Magnesium Flat Pedals. That's an average saving of around 17%.


DMR Vault Show offers for sale

There are 40 DMR Vault pedals for sale at discount prices, with Evans Cycles having the largest selection. They offer an average saving of 11% with the largest saving being £35.00 off the DMR Vault Super Light Magnesium Ti Flat Mountain Bike Pedal Black - Steel.


DMR V8 Show offers for sale

The top discount at the moment is from Hargroves Cycles with a reduction of £9 on the DMR V8 Grease Port Flat Pedals. They also have a total of 1 more discounts for DMR V8 pedals with savings between 32% and 32%.

Price range information

There are 3 price levels for DMR pedals, with products like the DMR Vault at the top of the range. Mid-prices for each model range are shown below in ascending order.
  • DMR V8 - £27
  • DMR V12 - £47
  • DMR Vault - £85