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Latest deals on Wheels & Wheelsets from Campagnolo

Here are some of the biggest deals and discounts for the range of Campangolo wheels, including low and high profile models, both clincher and tubular. They currently benefit from an average discount of 20%, across the 187 products we've found in clearance sales.
In fact, the top ten price reductions result in 34% off on average.
The biggest saving is £ for the and the minimum is for the , saving £.


Campagnolo Vento Scirocco Khamsin Show offers for sale

The total number of discounts for Campagnolo Vento Scirocco Khamsin wheels is 19 at the moment, with the percentage saved ranging from 10% for the Scirocco C17 Clincher Wheelset 2018 - Shimano/SRAM - Dark Label to 33% for the Campagnolo Khamsin Asymmetic CycloCross Wheelset 2018, giving actual savings of between £17 and £105


Campagnolo Bullet Show offers for sale

There is a group of special offers for Campagnolo Bullet wheels from Chain Reaction Cycles, typically reducing prices by about 14% over 3 items. You'll also find 5 discounts from a selection of other retailers with an average saving of around 19%.


Campagnolo Neutron Hyperon Show offers for sale

There are 6 Campagnolo Neutron Hyperon wheels for sale at discount prices, with Chain Reaction Cycles having the largest selection. They offer an average saving of 23% with the largest saving being £165.00 off the Campagnolo Neutron Ultra Road Wheelset 2018.


Campagnolo Bora Ghibli Show offers for sale

Amongst the top cycle shops, 4 have Campagnolo Bora Ghibli wheels for sale at reduced prices, giving savings from £97 for the Bora One 35 Clincher AFS Disc Brake 700c Road Wheelset - Campagnolo Freehub Black/Grey - Carbon to £ for the Campagnolo Bora One 35 Disc Brake Clincher Wheelset 2018 - AFS Rotor - Campagnolo - Bright Label. That's an average saving of around 21%.


Campagnolo Eurus Zonda Show offers for sale

The top discount at the moment is from with a reduction of £185.3 on the Campagnolo Zonda C17 Disc Brake QR Wheelset - Black - Shimano - AFS Rotor. They also have a total of 7 more discounts for Campagnolo Eurus Zonda wheels with savings between 27% and 32%.

Price range information

There are 12 main levels of pricing for Campagnolo wheels, depending on the specification, with the top range being represented by products like the Campagnolo Hyperon. Price bands rise as follows - we've shown typical mid-prices for wheelsets, to help price comparisons:
  • Campagnolo Khamsin - £129
  • Campagnolo Vento - £162
  • Campagnolo Scirocco - £200
  • Campagnolo Zonda - £363
  • Campagnolo Neutron - £565
  • Campagnolo Eurus - £610
  • Campagnolo Shamal - £750
  • Campagnolo Bullet 50 - £936
  • Campagnolo Bullet 80 - £1043
  • Campagnolo Bullet 105 - £1588
  • Campagnolo Bora - £1870
  • Campagnolo Hyperon - £1980